August 11, 2014

Reminders Regarding Items on Vans

A few reminders from Donna Gilbreth, Supervisor, Reference and Information Services Section,
New Hampshire State Library, about a few packaging instructions for the van service that make our life easier.

First, generally try to avoid packaging multiple books and other items together. It is easier for us to move and pack individual books, cassettes, etc. We have to pick up and resort many books each day, and find it more difficult when 2 or more books are packaged together with elastics.

Second, please remember to consult the list of libraries when labeling routing slips. We have many books coming through with routing slips incorrectly marked. There are many libraries that pick up their materials at another library that has a van drop off. The routing slip should be filled out with the name of the library on the van service at the top (the ultimate destination should be underneath). Below are the long-standing instructions from our instruction document:

1.    Drop-Off Library - If the material is being sent to a library which receives its materials at another library, enter "FOR" followed by the name of the library to which the material is being sent. For example, if material is being sent to Taylor Library, East Derry via the Derry Public Library, the routing slip should be addressed as follows:

Town: Derry
Library: Derry Public Library
For: Taylor Library, East Derry

If you are not sure which libraries receive materials via drop off at a larger library (and there are many), then I suggest you keep a copy of this list near your preparation area: The list is clear as to which libraries receive direct service and which libraries receive materials via drop off at another library.

The libraries that pick up materials at another library can probably help by making sure any pre-printed routing slips they include are properly labeled. The Rollinsford library label should say TO: Somersworth, FOR Rollinsford; and the Newfields routing slip should say TO: Stratham, FOR: Newfields. And so it goes for all the others.

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