August 15, 2014

Requesting MARC Records from NHAIS

 The Holdings Maintenance page on NHU-PAC formerly included a form libraries could fill out to provide NHAIS Services staff with information about bibliographic materials for which no MARC record was available in NHU-PAC.

We have created a new form and the processes here at NHAIS Services that we need to process these requests for records.

The link to the new "Add Brief Records" form is

If there is not a record in NHU-PAC that accurately reflects the item you are adding to your collection, please use this form to describe the item so that a record can be added to NHU-PAC.

When completing the form please be as accurate as possible, especially when entering numbers and HSA codes. 

NOTE: This form will be UNAVAILABLE between 8:30AM and 9AM on days the NHSL is open. This is necessary so that we can harvest the requests without losing or duplicating any.
DO not enter information into the form between these hours even if you find that it is OPEN. When we get to the step in the process where the survey is closed (which will happen during this half-hour) you will be kicked out of the Survey and your info lost.

If your library is already set up to get catalog cards printed or to have MARC records emailed to you, there is a place on the form to indicate whether you want that done for the specific request.

If you are not set up to have MARC records sent to you for these materials and you would like to be, please complete the Marc Record Request Form and send it to us.

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