September 12, 2014

FAQ: Why can't I just email a list from the NHU-PAC of titles from which our holding should be deleted?

When you email a list of titles from the NHU-PAC you are sending copies of the public catalog display record to whomever you direct the email to. There is no way to modify NHU-PAC records from the NHU-PAC interface visible on the web. So, sending an email copy of the public catalog display is as useful for holdings deletions, or for holdings additions, as mailing us a piece of paper where you wrote down the titles. 

Our holdings deletion process involves importing lists of bib numbers into a script that can be run against the database and the holding on that record number with a specific hsa code in the location field is deleted. We do not have the staff here, nor have we ever, to  search individual records and make deletions for each library which is the only way a public OPAC list could be processed for holdings deletions. 

For at least the past 15 years, and probably a lot longer than that, NHAIS members have been entirely responsible for deleting holdings from the NHU-PAC when they discard materials. NHAIS Services staff will now be taking on part of the work of doing this, but NHAIS member libraries will have to continue to do their part to keep the holdings in the NHU-PAC up to date.

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