September 24, 2014

Turnaround Times

The recent changes in the way that library holdings are being maintained in the NHU-PAC have caused an almost total overhaul of the work flows used in NHAIS Services to process the various types of files now coming in to us. The volume of files coming into our office for processing has also increased and we expect that as more and more libraries adjust to the new process the volume will continue to grow.
The quantity of NHAIS Help Desk queries, both by phone and by email, has also increased and we are making every effort to respond to these as quickly as we can. Responding to Help Desk queries takes priority for us over processing files.

Consequently, the turnaround times that were standard for us before are not currently possible.

Here is what you should expect at this point as far as processing times:
  • Files of OCLC MARC records downloaded on the NHSL OCLC account and sent to us for loading will be replied to and added to NHU-PAC the day they are received or the next business day at the latest. This applies only to participants currently in the OCLC Direct Access Program.
  • Files sent to us via email at (and you should not be sending files to us at any other address) will be replied to as soon as possible and in the order we got them. On days when the incoming email volume is very high it may take a couple of days before all the messages are replied to.
    If you have not heard back from us about a file within ONE WEEK. please follow up. This applies to files for loading holdings and for deleting them. Please do not resend files without checking with us.
  • Requests for new records submitted through the MARC Record Request Form are harvested each day the NHSL is open and are processed the next business day. If a matching record can be found on OCLC it will be in the NHU-PAC with your holding on it within 2 days. 
  • Files of records sent for loading to NHU-PAC will be loaded in the order they are received. We are currently loading records that arrived 3 days ago. Once they are loaded if they are not clean matches to existing NHU-PAC records they will need to be checked and matched to a record manually. This process takes a full week assuming there are several hundred records to be checked (what we have been seeing). If the quantity of records to be checked manually increases it will take longer to get them all done. Typically some of the holdings (the perfect matches) will show in NHU-PAC as soon as the file is loaded, some will show after the manual check is completed, and some won't appear until we get additional info (a copy of the title page and verso) or complete original cataloging on the item.
    If you do not see your holdings reflected in NHU-PAC within SIX WEEKS, and have not received a paper request from us for additional info on the titles in question, please follow up if you are concerned.
  • Files of bib#s sent for deletion will be processed monthly, so you will not see these reflected in NHU-PAC until the end of the month they were received. If you sent them at the end of a calendar month they may not get done until the following month (staff availability changes exactly what day this processing gets done). If you do not see your holdings deletions reflected within TWO MONTHS please follow up.

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