November 20, 2014

October Deletions

Earlier this week I finished up the last of the holdings deletions files sent in October. If you did not get an email or a phone call from me about issues with your file that means it was processed and you may send another file and that you can include more than 20 numbers in your files in the future.
If you have not sent a file yet, please include no more than 20 numbers in it AND don't send another file of deletes until your first file is processed at the end of the month.

Here is what we got in October 2014:

  • 175 files, containing 16,503 bib#s, were sent to us for processing in a format we could work with
  • 40 of those files included at least one bib# that had spaces in front of it requiring that we edit the spreadsheet before it could be successfully processed -- we did not have the time to contact every library that this applies to -- everyone should watch out for this when creating files
  • 9 files had an error that indicated they hadn't been saved as csv files (they might have been renamed as .csv, but weren't truly csv files)
  • The deletions for the files that were as requested (126 files) were all processed and deleted from NHU-PAC by the close of business on October 31st

Note: There were quite a few bib#s sent to us that identified records that did not have a holding for the sending library. When you look up an item in NHU-PAC to find the bib# be sure to verify that your library has a holding on that record. There are many cases where there are multiple matches in the database for the same ISBN and if you give us the bib# for the wrong record your holding won't get deleted.

The deletions files received in November will be processed the first week of December. I will post here when all the files are done for the month.

If you need help creating your deletions file please check out the video we created that walks you step-by-step though the process.

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