December 12, 2014

ILL class next Tuesday morning

NHU-PAC interlibrary loan training will be offered online next Tuesday morning, December 16, starting at 9:15.  See the "How to Register for Classes" section on the NHAIS Services training page for details and to sign up for the class.

Registrants will be sent login information on Monday.  We're using GoToMeeting for this.  You can check out the GoToMeeting FAQ page (especially the Attending an Online Meeting part) ahead of time to get an idea of how it works and whether your equipment meets the minimum standards.  You don't need a microphone--a text chat option will be used for questions or comments from participants.  You should be able to hear the instructor's audio through speakers/headphones/earphones attached to your computer but there's a dial-in option (regular long distance phone charges apply) if needed.

In coming months a reworked Introduction to NHAIS class will be offered that reflects recent NHU-PAC cataloging changes.  Online videos on how to add holdings to the NHU-PAC are in the works.  There's already a video on how to delete NHU-PAC holdings.

If you have questions about NHU-PAC training or using the online registration system, contact the NHAIS Help Desk via e-mail or phone 271-2141.

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