April 8, 2015

Deletions Update

Several of you have inquired about the deletions files sent to NHAIS for processing since the beginning of the year. I have now finished processing all the deletions files we received in January and February. We got 217 files containing 27,906 bibliographic record numbers for item deletion.

If the file you sent was your library's first one (or you identified it as the first file a new person at your library was creating) you got an email telling you how things went. Otherwise if you sent a file (and got a confirmation email from us that it would be processed) you can assume it is completed.

Please be careful when you paste the numbers into the spreadsheet that you are not adding leading spaces. There were 33 files from January and February that had this problem and they cannot be processed until I review each one, find the spaces and delete them. I did not notify each individual library (there were about 30 different ones) of this issue, I just fixed them. Everyone creating these files should be careful about this. If you need a review of how to create the files the video we created walks you through the whole process.

I hope to have all the March files finished within the next week.

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