July 6, 2015

June Deletions are Done

All of the deletions files sent to NHAIS Services in June have now been processed. If the file you sent had an issue (or if it was the first one your library had sent) you got an email or a phone call from me about it. If you sent us a file in June and you got a message from someone in NHAIS (probably Christine) telling you we got your file you can assume if you didn't hear anything further from us that your deletions have been processed.

We received 130 files (coincidentally the same number as last month) containing 15,783 bib numbers for item deletion in June 2015.

If you haven't sent a deletions file yet (or if you want a refresher on creating them) check out the  NHAIS YouTube channel which has (among other things) videos on creating deletions files and fixing the spaces that pop up in some of the deletions files.

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