January 7, 2016

Deletions Processing Update

All of the requests sent to NHAIS in 2015 to have items deleted from NHU-PAC have been processed (between September and December we got 64,135 bib numbers for deletion).

If you sent a deletions file for the first time between September and December your file was processed and you can send another one.

Beginning today we will only accept files for deletion that have AT LEAST 100 bib numbers in them. You can certainly send more than 100 numbers per file, but don't send fewer. There are 2 exceptions to this:

  1. If your library has never sent deletions files before, your first file should be 20 items and the email message the file is attached to should indicate that it is a first-time file
  2. If your library weeds fewer than 100 items per year you can send us a file once a year with your total deletions for the year, no matter how few that was. 
When you send a file of records for deletion you should get an email from NHAIS Services within 1-2 business days confirming receipt of the file (or returning it unprocessed if there is an issue with it). If you get this email you can assume that the file will be processed (probably in semi-annual batches) and your holdings deleted. We will endeavor to process first-time files monthly.

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