April 12, 2017

"Connection is not secure" warning

Many users of the Firefox browser have recently noticed a security warning when trying to log into the NHU-PAC ILL program.

Nothing has changed with the ILL program; it's Firefox that's changed.  Starting with version 52, the browser displays the message "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised." when your cursor is in a login box on a Web page that's not encrypted.  Other browsers may add this feature in the future.  The warning also appears when using the "searching" login to manage lists in the NHU-PAC.
What to do?  Just keep on using your NHU-PAC logins as you always have.  If you think your NHU-PAC logins have been compromised--more likely by a former employee who holds a grudge and is bent on messing with your ILL requests than by some random Internet pirate--NHAIS Services can assign a new password (but we'll need a request from the library director either on paper or in an e-mail).

There are no plans at this point to move the NHU-PAC to an https (encrypted) site.  We're working on moving toward the next generation of the NHU-PAC over the next year--funding for it is expected to be in the state’s capital budget this June.  The new system (whatever it ends up being) should address this.

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