October 9, 2017

More old records without holdings removed from NHU-PAC

During the summer, UNH/Durham holdings were removed from the NHU-PAC at Dimond Library's request and the task of deleting "orphaned" bibliographic records began--removing all records that had been in the NHU-PAC at least 5 years and had no holdings attached.  This latest round of database downsizing has now been completed with 329,466 records deleted since July.

This morning's count of 1,735,294 bibliographic records in the NHU-PAC is down nearly 600,000 records from the database's peak at 2,327,404 in April, before the first round of culling older records without holdings was started.

With this latest round of deletions, we say goodbye to titles including Biebermania!, An Archaeological Survey of Wheeler Basin on the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama, and The Da Vinci Cod: A Fishy Parody (not to be confused with The Da Vinci Cod and Other Illustrations for Unwritten Books, which still has a holding and remains in the NHU-PAC).  Also gone: 5/5/2000: Ice: the Ultimate Disaster, which boldly predicted catastrophe for our planet on the titular date, having something to do with pyramids, polar ice caps, and planetary alignments.

Should you add any of these titles to your catalog, we'll be happy to return them to the NHU-PAC.  If you're in need of a bibliographic record for these or any other titles not found in the NHU-PAC, use the online form to submit your request--but only after you've checked to make sure the record you need isn't already in the NHU-PAC; if it's there you can use a Z39.50 connection to download it.

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