November 29, 2017

ILL #2000000

Congratulations to Michelle Hogan at Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library in Epping.  Yesterday afternoon (11/28/2017) she submitted the 2 millionth ILL request on the NHU-PAC since the present system was implemented in 2002.

Request #2000000 is for the 1st book in the Lunar Chronicles series, the YA title Cinder by Marissa Meyer (NY: Square Fish, 2013).

Showing how the pace of using the NHU-PAC for ILL has picked up, it took 5 years before we got to the half-million mark, then 4 years for another 500,000 requests to get to the 1 million mark.  The 2nd million requests required only another 6 years (compared to 9 for the 1st million).  That's an average of about 11,000 requests each month for the lifetime of this system.

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