January 16, 2018

NHAIS Problems

I believe I need to clarify something for the New Hampshire Library Community  about NHU-PAC  our state-wide union catalog.  A number of people have suggested in posting to the NHAIS list serves that the state legislators have failed to support the State Library in its efforts to replace the SYRSI DYNIX  integrated library system. This is not true;  the New Hampshire legislature in this biennial session  provide funding to replace the SIRSI DYNIX  system.  If people feel compelled to contact their legislators it should be to thank them for providing the funds necessary to purchase a new statewide system. The legislature has done what we asked them to do; please do not accuse them of  lack of support they are supporting us in this effort. The current outage of the ILL portion of the system (the union catalog is functioning just fine) is a failure of the old slated-for-replacement system and we are working with SIRSI/DYNIX to resolve these issues to get us through until the new system can be procured and put in place.

While technicians continue to work on restoring what we had, we’re concerned about the amount of time it’s taking and have begun looking at alternatives that could serve us until we get the new system in place.  We are working on these with SIRSI/DYNIX currently.  At the same time we are working through the standard procurement procedures required by the state when an item such this is purchased. It is our goal to get the best system we can in as short a time as possible. Rest assured however,  we will not sacrifice quality for speed.     

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments



Michael York
State Librarian
New Hampshire State Library
New Hampshire Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
20 Park Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
603 271 2397
Cell 603 497 7432
Fax 603 271 6826

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