February 5, 2018

ILL update

And so begins another week without our ILL program.  As previously noted, we've changed our focus from hoping (in vain) for restoration of our old program to looking at alternatives that will suit our needs.  We've seen a demo of the Relais program and shared that with a selected group of New Hampshire librarians.  They asked some questions that we're waiting to have answered.  Meanwhile, we're also investigating other programs that may be able to do the job.

ILL contact lists sorted by town or HSA code (which is how NHU-PAC holdings are sorted) were updated last week.  Separately, updates to the NH Library Directory can be submitted until Thursday (Feb. 8) on an editable spreadsheet.  Use consistent formatting and replicate what you see in other libraries’ rows of data.  If you have a new library to add, please add the information to a new row at the bottom of the spreadsheet, including as much data as you are able to add.

Finally, remember that the North Country van route will not be run today (Monday, Feb. 5).

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