February 8, 2018

More database downsizing

At the close of day on Friday, January 19, the count of bibliographic records in the NHU-PAC stood at 1,639,387.  That's the "smallest" the NHU-PAC has been since December 2005 and follows another round of deleting records that have been in the catalog at least 5 years and have no holdings.

This latest round of deletions was done in conjunction with the removal of holdings from several libraries.  Plymouth State University, which hasn't added or removed NHU-PAC holdings in a dozen years, asked to have all its holdings removed.  Those wishing to borrow from PSU should consult the NHAIS Services page on borrowing from New Hampshire colleges and universities.  We also removed the holdings of libraries that have closed with Chester College of New England and the Public Health Services Library (NH Dept. of Health and Human Services) being the biggest presences in the NHU-PAC among these.

Since last April, more than 700,000 "orphaned" bibliographic records have been removed from the NHU-PAC.  A leaner and cleaner catalog will help our anticipated migration to a new automation system.

Among the more than 100,000 titles removed in this round of downsizing: A Book of FORTRAN Programs for the IBM 1130 Computer (1971), Opportunities in Life Insurance Sales (1974), and a slew of individual episodes of the original Star Trek TV series on videocassette.

In case you're adding any of the above to your collection, we can add the records back to the NHU-PAC.  If you're in need of a bibliographic record for these or any other titles not found in the NHU-PAC, use the online form to submit your request--but only after you've checked to make sure the record you need isn't already in the NHU-PAC; if it's there you can use a Z39.50 connection to download it.

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