April 4, 2018

NH Talking Book Services

Through a network of cooperating libraries, The Library of Congress/National Library Service for theBlind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), administers a free library service for individuals who are unable to read or use standard print materials because of a visual or physical disability. Any resident of the United States or U.S. citizen living abroad who is unable to read or use standard print materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical disability is eligible for these services.

In New Hampshire, this service is administered by the State Library’s Talking Book Services (TBS) section. Readers register with TBS through an application process. They then receive a player for the audio books, have access to the over 32,000 books in the TBS collection, and can download books from the BARD to either their computers or their mobile devices. Braille books are also available, as well as print/braille books popular with low vision teachers. TBS provides materials to individuals, and to institutions such as schools, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

The following is a link to an article about NLS 

For more information about the New Hampshire TBS library services, please call the library at (603) 271-3429. You may visit the library’s website at:

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