June 8, 2018

ILL System Progress Update

An update from Michael York:

Last week we sent to the Department of Information Technology the RFP that the State Library developed for the new system. Key people at DOIT  have reviewed the document  they will inform us of any changes they saw necessary to make and the document  and will be sent to a comprehensive list of prospective vendors for their response. We expect this to happen within the next 2 weeks.  We will notify the library community, via the NHAIS blog, when the RFP is posted by DOIT. The vendors will have a specified period of time, approximately 1 month,  in which to respond.  There will be an evaluation period when a selection team will formally score the proposals and select the vendor best able to meet our needs.  Once that is done the state will negotiate a contract with the chosen vendor. And finally the Governor and Executive Council will approve the contract  and the implementation of the system will take place based on the agreed to dates in the signed contract.

Michael York
State Librarian
New Hampshire State Library
New Hampshire Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
20 Park Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
603 271 2397
Cell 603 497 7432
Fax 603 271 6826

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