September 25, 2019

Practicing in the New NHAIS ILL System

Those of you who attended training this week can log into the new NHAIS ILL System between now and 5pm on Friday, October 4, 2019 and practice what you learned about using the new system. On Friday all the ILL transactions in the system will be deleted and all the practice passwords will be wiped out.

Please note that between now and go-live we will be updating participant records, loading holdings, testing and tweaking, and generally making sure things are as they should be for go-live. If you are seeing anything in the training system that looks weird or isn't what you expected don't worry about it. AFTER the go-live please let the NHAIS Help Desk know if you find things that don't work as the training led you to expect. Before that, you should assume it will be sorted out before we go live.

If you want to set up your library-specific URL and see what your usernames are check out Logging into the New ILL System. The training passwords--only until 10/4/19--match each user name. Real credentials for the system will be sent to the library director of each library that was profiled to participate in NHAIS ILL and for which someone from that library attended an ILL Training class this week.

Practice sheets have been created for Using NHAIS ILL and for Holdings Maintenance. 

On the practice sheet there is a special record we have designated to use for practicing Holdings Maintenance. Any changes you make to your holdings in the training system MAY be there in the live system, so use the practice record rather than mess with your actual holdings. Don't assume that  holdings changes made in the practice period will be there either though, it depends where you are in the loading process. Practice holdings maintenance on the practice record!

All of the handouts that were discussed in training, as well as the overview video of an ill transaction, are on the NHAIS Training Page

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