September 11, 2019

Training will be September 24-26, 2019

We are moving forward rapidly toward implementation of the new NHAIS ILL System. We have collected profiling information from 230 NH libraries and expect all of those to be participants in the new system when it goes live. (We are still not ready to name the day that will happen, but it will be this Fall).

In order to be ready to use the new system on day one your library staff will need to be trained and there are 3 days of virtual training (so you only need to travel as far as your own web browser) scheduled for September 24, 25, and 26 to do this. Each class will repeat each of the 3 days, so you only need to attend one of the particular class you are interested in.

If your library is one of the profiled participants you should have staff sign up for the training that is relevant to them:

  • Anyone who will place or fill ILL requests should attend the New NHAIS ILL class offered in the mornings.
    Links to register are at
  •  If your library opted to maintain holdings in the Union Catalog (rather than via a Z39.50 connection) whoever will add and delete holdings for your library should attend the New NHAIS Holdings Maintenance class offered in the afternoons.
    Links to register are at
  •  If you submitted information about SIP2 configuration to allow your patrons to place their own ILL requests (which your staff will review before they go out to any potential lenders) whomever will manage those requests should attend Patron Initiated Requests for NHAIS ILL in the late afternoons.
    Links to register are at
Training registrations will CLOSE 24-hours before each class is held.

We scheduled the training to have enough capacity to allow everyone who needs training to attend so multiple people from the same library should go ahead and sign up if that is what works for your library.

On the day before the go-live NHAIS staff will be sending emails to the directors of each library that has signed up AND attended the NHAIS ILL training providing credentials for using the system.If no one from your library has been trained your ILL account will not be activated.
We anticipate having another round of profiling and training for libraries who are not part of the go live in Spring 2020.


  1. My ILL person happens to be on vacation those days. Will any other training sessions be scheduled?

    1. There will not be additional training days in advance of the go-live date. We are looking at an alternative method of training for AFTER the go-live date so that any libraries who do not get login credentials for the go-live because they didn’t attend training will have an opportunity to join the system within a month or so of launch. That said, if any staff from your library attends your library dirctor will get credentials to be part of the system from the start and can bring the staff that cannot attend up-to-speed.


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