January 21, 2020

"System processing error" fixed

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2:25 p.m.: The issue with entering barcodes for patron-initiated ILL's has been fixed. Apparently this affected only libraries with Apollo ILS's.

"System processing error" for patron-initiated ILL's

Tuesday, Jan. 21: Some libraries configured for patron-initiated ILL requests are getting the error message "System processing error (unable to connect) authenticating patron barcode" when patron barcodes are entered. So far this has only been reported by libraries with an Apollo ILS. Auto-Graphics is looking into the issue. If you've seen the same problem today and you have an ILS other than Apollo, please let the NHAIS Help Desk know at 271-2141.

January 17, 2020

North Country van route cancelled Fri 1/17 - makeups next week

My apologies, folks, but today’s North Country van is cancelled due to illness.
We’re actually down three drivers today, but we didn’t have any advance notice on the NC route.
The three libraries that are Friday-only van stops—Center Sandwich, Tamworth, and Chocorua—can expect a make-up delivery next Tuesday (Jan 21).

If you know anyone who would be interested in being an on-call substitute driver for the North Country, let me know.  We’ve had one name referred to us and we’re hoping to add a substitute driver for situations like this.


Charles Shipman
Supervisor, Reference Services
New Hampshire State Library

January 16, 2020

No NC van Thu 1/16

    The North Country route has been cancelled for today, Thursday, Jan. 16 due to weather.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  The affected routes are:

White Mountains Regional High School
White Mountains Community College, Berlin

Tim Rohe
Reference Librarian/State Data Coordinator
New Hampshire State Library

January 15, 2020

Still more on bugs

As noted earlier today, saving records in Your List to MARC results in an empty file. It turns out this is also happening when choosing the Download button on the View Download Cart page. While this problem is worked on, it's still possible to download records with a Z39.50 client. If there's isn't one built into your ILS, one is included with the free MarcEdit suite.

The problem with dates in non-returnable requests also noted earlier involves a month-and-year combination, as a borrower would enter for a monthly periodical. If you enter a month, day, and year, all will show in the Lender's Pending List and the Lender's Full Record Display. Until the problem with a month-and-year combination only displaying the year is fixed, choose a day even if not relevant: for a magazine dated June 2010, enter June 1, 2010.

Still a few bugs in the system

Last night's SHAREit update didn't deliver on all of its promises. In Your List, the Save button now lets you save a file but it's an empty file if saved as MARC and it has extraneous tags if saved as text. Non-returnable requests still display just the year in Article Date, not the month/day. These issues have been reported to Auto-Graphics.

January 14, 2020

SHAREit improvements to be installed tonight (1/14)

Auto-Graphics will be updating SHAREit tonight (Tuesday, January 14). The work is expected to begin shortly after 10 p.m. and should require no more than 15 minutes of downtime for the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System.

Most of the "Why did my request do this?" queries received by the NHAIS Help Desk since the launch of the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System could be explained by either user error or careless cataloging. A few examples, though, indicated something wasn't working as advertised in the program. Multi-copy requests going astray after being created under certain circumstances turned out to be a big problem. That's among the issues addressed by tonight's update. Here's the detailed list of fixes and improvements:
Bug fixes:

-In Your Lists, the Email and Print buttons were working as expected, but the Save button was not allowing records to be saved. This has been corrected and lists can now be downloaded in any of the available formats.
-When information besides the year (Month/Day) was entered in the Date fields of a non-returnable request, only the year was retained on the request confirmation and full request display. This has been corrected and information from all three Date fields (year, month, and day) will display on the ILL Request confirmation and the full request display.
-The Nov. 25 update corrected some problems that occurred when attempting to open Excel reports for Activity and Request Reports. We corrected the incorrect alignment of columns and the Excel error message that appeared for the Request Records report. The error message displaying with the Lender Response Records report is now also corrected.
-When requests went to some Z-targets, the request history sometimes displayed odd messages such as “WorldCat(WMS) target connect error - presuming available" or “"API connection error (ApiPost) - presuming available." This was related to the search API and has been corrected.
-Multicopy requests for records that did not include a standard number (ISBN, ISSN, etc.) or author (usually DVDs) were not able to find lenders based on just a title match. This has been corrected and lenders should be found based on just a title match.
-Potential lenders were being skipped, especially on multi-copy requests, oftentimes resulting in a blank lender list. Adjustments have been made to correct the problem. 
-Inconsistencies in the lender list build process sometimes resulted in lenders being skipped for a request but then added to a different request moments later. Adjustments have been made to correct the problem.  
-Inconsistencies in the lender list build process sometimes resulted in incorrect titles being added to the lender list. This was happening because the lender validation and availability checks were happening simultaneously, so an available title that didn’t match could end up in the lender list. This has been corrected so availability checking is performed only after lenders are validated as correct matches.
-When many multicopy requests were created in a short time, lenders could be incorrectly added to the wrong request. Adjustments have been made so the lender list is not built until all prior steps, such as the patron ILL limit, are confirmed as complete.
-Items that were mapped in Z-targets as not available were sometimes added to lender lists. This has been corrected.

Improvements in indexing:

-MARC 010 (LCCN) indexing has been updated to better handle LCCNs with alphabetical characters.

Improvements in navigation:

The following three items improve navigation for access with a keyboard rather than a mouse:
-Linked pages in the banner are now accessible by use of the Tab and Enter keys.
-On the Advanced search page, keyboard-only users couldn’t reach the expand/collapse icons to select search qualifiers. Now they can tab to the expand/collapse icon, hit to select, and then tab to the checkboxes they wish to use.
-Individual titles in a showcase can now be accessed by using the Tab key.