September 18, 2020

Request This Item icon explained

Earlier this week it was noted that the Request this Item icon was available for some but not all items in the search results view. This, it turns out, is normal. It has to do with the number of underlying records.

Requests need to be created from a specific bibliographic record but on the search results page you're often seeing a clustered or merged view that combines similar records. When you click through by selecting a format you'll see the separate records listed and the icons to create your request.

For the first title (the audiobook) in the example above, there were two records from two different catalogs found even though only one of those records had a holding attached--information revealed by clicking on the format link. The second and third titles each represent only one record found in one catalog. The fourth represents three different records, each with a single holding, in three different catalogs.

The default grouping for search results in the NHAIS ILL System is clustered, which combines results with a matching title and author. The merged grouping breaks things down further by adding publisher and date into consideration. "No grouping" is also an option, in which case you should see the Request this Item icon on all titles listed. If you hover over the question mark next to "Group By" (in the upper right of the search results screen) you'll see how the options work.

Here's a clustered view of search results where only the last format listed, large print, represents a single record and thus displays the Request this Item icon:

Switching to merged view on the same search results breaks things down further and shows more Request this Item icons:

Note this is only a partial view of the results--one would need to scroll up or down to see all the records that contributed to the clustered view.

September 17, 2020

And they're off!

The NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System is off to a roaring re-start. From Tuesday morning, when requesting was re-enabled after a 6-month hiatus, to 11:30 a.m. today (Thursday) there were 1741 requests placed in the system, with 1402 of those (81%) already marked Shipped. The requests were placed by 133 libraries; 155 filled them out of 218 libraries currently activated to participate in the system.

Of course, nothing's been physically shipped in accordance with the Quarantine of ILL Materials now in effect. NHSL van service will resume next Monday (Sept. 21) to start distributing materials that have been quarantined for at least 72 hours.

September 16, 2020

Date sort problem fixed

The problem with sorting by date in the NHAIS ILL System has been fixed.

Date sort problem

Auto-Graphics reports an issue when sorting by date is chosen. If either Date Ascending or Date Descending is selected, you'll get a "No results were found..." message for your search. The problem is being worked on.

Above are sort options as seen on the Advanced Search screen. You can also sort results after a regular search but need to be logged in to see Date Ascending or Date Descending as an option. Relevance is the default sort for all searches in the NHAIS ILL System.

Request This Item icon

The Request this Item icon isn't showing up on every record on the search results page. This has been reported to Auto-Graphics.

If you click through to the brief view page, you should see the icon on all listed titles. If you click through to the details page, the Request this Item button is available on the left, with the Multi Copy option three lines below it. How to know whether you're on the search results, brief, or details page? You'll find a clue in the URL:

Reminder: you are in no way limiting the potential number of lenders by launching a request from a record that says Book (1) instead of Book (21). After you create your request, SHAREit runs an algorithm searching for matching records to build the lender list.

Modify Search error fixed

The NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System was briefly offline around 10 o'clock last night (Tuesday, Sept. 15) to install program updates. These mostly involve administrative functions but there's one searching function that's been fixed:

In some situations, if a user clicked Modify Search, the Advanced Search screen would display (properly) but the first search field on the upper left would be blank instead of displaying the previous search so it could be modified. This problem has been fixed.

September 15, 2020

ILL Resumes Today

The NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System is ready for use again! 

Beginning this morning there are 214 libraries ready to fill ILL requests which may now be placed by those same libraries. The libraries who confirmed that they wanted to restart patron-initiated ILL requests are set up to do so.

Normal van delivery service will resume on Monday, September 21.

A few things to remember:

  • You don't have to fill every request you get. Marking a request "will not supply" right away will move the request on to the next lender and get the borrower their book much faster than if  you let a request you don't have time to deal with at the moment sit in your queue.

  •  If something happens and you need to stop getting ILL requests at your library for a while you can notify the NHAIS Help Desk (271-2141)  and we will put your library "on vacation" until whatever date you specify.

  • The Quarantine of ILL materials is going to change some things about how ILL transactions move through the system, we have extended due dates and will adjust the timeline again if necessary.

  • There are training videos on all the aspects of using the NHAIS ILL System so if you need a refresher on something visit

  • If your library did not confirm participation by the 9/9 deadline and you were set up in the NHAIS ILL System before the shutdown, you can reactivate your account beginning on Wednesday, 9/16/2020 by contacting the NHAIS Help Desk. If you were not yet set up in the system when we had to shut down we will be setting up new libraries (and those that were in progress back in March) as soon as we can. Watch the blog for announcements.



September 14, 2020

Order 25K Barcodes by 9/28 to get FREE shipping

If you are going to need barcodes (patron, material, or a combination of both) soon this is a great time to order them because our barcode vendor, Reliance Barcode Solutions is offering free ground shipping on orders of 25,000 or more labels. 

Details on ordering are at

Place your order with NHAIS by the end of the day on Monday, 9/28 to take advantage of this deal.

September 11, 2020

System Accomodations for Quarantine

To accommodate the quarantine time required for ILL materials we have adjusted the number of days that the NHAIS ILL System allows for various parts of the ILL process. These numbers are based on our best guesses about how the 72-hour quarantine will intersect with specific van routes and procedures. 

When ILL requests resume on Tuesday due dates will be calculated as 60 days from the date shipped. This means if an item is not "checked in" by the owning library within 60 days of being marked "shipped" it will move into "overdue" status (which won't stop you from doing whatever you need to do with the transaction). If you check ILL materials out to borrowing libraries in your local circulation system you will want to adjust your settings there so that the due dates match the NHAIS ILL System due dates.

Similarly, the "need by date" on a request will be set 45 days from when it is placed.

The days to supply value (counting from "shipped" by lender to "received" by borrower) is now 28.

The days to respond (how long a request will sit in a library's request manager unanswered before moving on to the next potential lender) remains 3 days (the system setting is 4 because of how the system counts time for this value, but it is functionally 3 days). This is why it is essential that you mark items "shipped" BEFORE they go into quarantine if you are going to fill a request.

For those libraries that had specified Lending Policy Exceptions some adjustments were needed as well. Most of the libraries who had these exceptions set up (check out Seeing Your Lending Policy Exceptions to figure out if you are one of them) were using the default setting (previously 42) for calculating due dates but had specified some formats of material that they would not lend. We changed these to 60, and kept the non-loaned formats as non-loaned. 

Some libraries have more complicated exceptions with different amounts of time allowed for different formats. These libraries will be contacted directly by email next week and will need to revise their lending policy exceptions to allow for quarantine time.