February 13, 2018

Keep those files of catalog additions and deletions coming

In recent weeks the NHAIS Help Desk has heard from a few libraries asking if they should continue sending files to add or remove NHU-PAC holdings.  Absolutely!  NHAIS Services is still processing additions to and deletions from the statewide union catalog.  This work goes on unconnected to the current absence of an automated ILL program working with the NHU-PAC.

In the 2 months since the ILL server suffered a catastrophic failure, more than 7800 new bibliographic records and more than 52,500 new holdings have been added to the NHU-PAC.  Nearly 53,000 old holdings have been removed to reflect libraries' discards.  More than 11,000 bibliographic records have been updated (adding pagination, tables of contents, summary information, etc.) and scores of duplicate records have been merged.  During the same 2 months, a cleanup project led to the removal of more than 100,000 old bibliographic records and more than 200,000 holdings from libraries that have closed or are otherwise no longer participating in our program.

Even in the absence of an automated ILL program, libraries are checking the NHU-PAC to determine whom to contact for needed titles--and you'll want your holdings to be up to date when a new ILL program is implemented.  Links to how-to information about adding and deleting NHU-PAC holdings can be found on the NHAIS Notes Holdings Maintenance Tools page.  If you have further questions contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or via e-mail.

February 10, 2018

State Survey Update

From Tim Rohe, NH State Data Coordinator
     I’ve gotten a few questions about the Public Library Survey over the last week and I wanted to do my best to address them.

     One of the main questions I’ve received is, “Is this the same thing as the state report?”  The answer is, yes.  I apologize for the confusion; it seems that it’s known by lots of different names: the ‘state report,’ the ‘federal report,’ the ‘Public Library Survey (PLS)’ and, my personal favorite, ‘that survey thing some newbie over at the State Library keeps bugging me about.’  They are all the same thing, just the annual reporting of statistics you have done every year.  Same report, new vendor; that’s all.

     Also, I think I’ve finally updated everyone’s contact info in the system and you should all have received your login information by now.  (If you have not received your login info yet, let me know and I will get it to you.)  Remember to check your ‘Spam’ folders.  It also may have been sent to the library’s general email address, not your personal email, if that’s the only one I had on file.  I cross-referenced everything with the NH Library Directory, so I should have the most up-to-date info, but I did notice that people were still editing that online when I left work on Thursday.

     Another question I’ve received a couple of times is, “Can you get my ILL statistics out of NHU-PAC?”  Unfortunately, no, I cannot.  My best recommendations would be to either extrapolate based off of whatever numbers you have in-house or to make a good-faith estimate.  If neither of those scenarios work for your library, let me know and we can come up with a solution.

    The last question I’ve received a lot recently is, “These edit checks are driving me crazy!”  Not really a question, but (trust me) I hear you!  I have reached out to the vendor and there is an issue with the way it is displaying error messages; more specifically, it is not displaying the correct error message for what triggered the edit check.
     Example: You get a message saying, “The number of VIDEO MATERIALS has a large change from last year,” when they are clearly the same.  What it should have said is something like, “The number of VIDEO MATERIALS is the same as last year.  Is that correct?”  I have been told that they are working on the issue.  In the meantime, the best way to deal with the situation is to add a note saying, “No change.”

     It was brought to my attention that I have made an error regarding the statistics for the Summer Reading Programs.  The numbers asked for are, in fact, attendance and not number of programs.  I have since updated this in the system and do apologize for any inconvenience. For those libraries who have already submitted their data, I can either unlock it and you can change it or (since it’s my mistake) you can email me the numbers and I will fix it for you. Again, I do sincerely apologize for the error and am happy to do anything I can to help going forward!

     Finally, I cannot stress this enough, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that come up while filling out the survey before it reaches the point where you get frustrated and want to throw your computer out the window.  Let me get frustrated for you; I’m really, really good at it! :)

February 9, 2018

A Letter to the Library Community

The goal of this update is to present information about our current situation with regard to the URSA ILL module along with our plans to fix automated ill and to replace the Sirsi Dynix system.  Our plan to replace the Sirsi Dynix system is in place and we have accomplished a major goal related to that plan ; we secured the funding for a  new system from the State legislature. It is in a capital appropriation in the 2018 /2019 biennial budget.  The difficulty we face is that we  have to solve a hugh  problem ( the demise of URSA ) which is no longer available from Sirsi Dynix. We were the last system to have this module operational. Our plan was to have Sirsi Dynix running for one more year while we installed the new ILS and we now have to revise that plan.

Last week we asked a group of ILL librarians to help us evaluate a possible solution  to the ILL problem.  This group of experienced NHAIS ill contacts were  from the following libraries: Colebrook Public Library, Dover Public Library, Dunbar Free Library, Gordon-Nash Library, Keene Public Library, Kensington Public Library, Manchester City Library, North Conway Public Library, Somersworth Public Library, Weeks Memorial Library. The product we asked them to evaluate is known as RELAIS and is owned by OCLC . RELAIS is a D-to-D library solution which includes much of the ILL functionality URSA had. The group that  looked at it thought it showed promise. We are looking for solutions to this problem and we have spoken with vendors including:  Bywater, OCLC and RELAIS.  We will continue to work on this and welcome suggestion on possible vendors with ILL products.
Michael York
State Librarian
New Hampshire State Library
New Hampshire Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
20 Park Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
603 271 2397
Cell 603 497 7432
Fax 603 271 6826

February 8, 2018

More database downsizing

At the close of day on Friday, January 19, the count of bibliographic records in the NHU-PAC stood at 1,639,387.  That's the "smallest" the NHU-PAC has been since December 2005 and follows another round of deleting records that have been in the catalog at least 5 years and have no holdings.

This latest round of deletions was done in conjunction with the removal of holdings from several libraries.  Plymouth State University, which hasn't added or removed NHU-PAC holdings in a dozen years, asked to have all its holdings removed.  Those wishing to borrow from PSU should consult the NHAIS Services page on borrowing from New Hampshire colleges and universities.  We also removed the holdings of libraries that have closed with Chester College of New England and the Public Health Services Library (NH Dept. of Health and Human Services) being the biggest presences in the NHU-PAC among these.

Since last April, more than 700,000 "orphaned" bibliographic records have been removed from the NHU-PAC.  A leaner and cleaner catalog will help our anticipated migration to a new automation system.

Among the more than 100,000 titles removed in this round of downsizing: A Book of FORTRAN Programs for the IBM 1130 Computer (1971), Opportunities in Life Insurance Sales (1974), and a slew of individual episodes of the original Star Trek TV series on videocassette.

In case you're adding any of the above to your collection, we can add the records back to the NHU-PAC.  If you're in need of a bibliographic record for these or any other titles not found in the NHU-PAC, use the online form to submit your request--but only after you've checked to make sure the record you need isn't already in the NHU-PAC; if it's there you can use a Z39.50 connection to download it.

February 7, 2018

No SW, CD vans Wed 2/7

The Southwest and Capital District van routes have been cancelled today.  The following libraries are affected:

Capital District (CD)
NH Law Library
NHTI, Concord Community College
Talking Books Division, NH State Library
NH Hospital
Southwestern Area (SW)
Dartmouth College, Hanover
River Valley Community College, Claremont

Thank you for your patience.

Charles Shipman
Supervisor, Reference Section
New Hampshire State Library

February 5, 2018

ILL update

And so begins another week without our ILL program.  As previously noted, we've changed our focus from hoping (in vain) for restoration of our old program to looking at alternatives that will suit our needs.  We've seen a demo of the Relais program and shared that with a selected group of New Hampshire librarians.  They asked some questions that we're waiting to have answered.  Meanwhile, we're also investigating other programs that may be able to do the job.

ILL contact lists sorted by town or HSA code (which is how NHU-PAC holdings are sorted) were updated last week.  Separately, updates to the NH Library Directory can be submitted until Thursday (Feb. 8) on an editable spreadsheet.  Use consistent formatting and replicate what you see in other libraries’ rows of data.  If you have a new library to add, please add the information to a new row at the bottom of the spreadsheet, including as much data as you are able to add.

Finally, remember that the North Country van route will not be run today (Monday, Feb. 5).