November 12, 2019

No North Country Van Delivery Today, 11/12/2019

Today’s North Country van delivery route is cancelled for today, 11/12/2019, due to hazardous travel conditions.
The affected libraries are:

White Mountains Community College, Berlin
North Conway
Twin Mountain

Sorry for the inconvenience.

November 8, 2019

One month of the new NHAIS ILL System

It's been one month since the new NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System was launched. Request number 15,000 was submitted last night and system statistics show 12,600 requests filled in the past month. Not bad. But we're still working to make this better. We're working with Auto-Graphics to improve the data matching that goes on behind the scenes. We're working to get Auto-Graphics to clear out a backlog of holdings reloads which will give the system a more accurate picture of the holdings of union catalog participants (those not connected to the system via Z39.50). And users are learning the right way to request multiple copies and getting used to clicking "Submit" when making changes to requests. These and other factors will help make the system work even better for everyone in the months to come.

November 6, 2019

Customizing the request list

Tired of clicking on titles in your Lender's Pending List just to see what the call number is? Making the call number show in the list is one of several changes you can make to this and other list displays in the Request Manager.

Look to the upper right of the display for an icon that looks like a little gear. Click on it and you'll see a list of things you can include in your list display.
Check the box next to what you'd like to see, uncheck any items you can do without, and click the gear icon again. You can sort your list using up/down arrows at the top of each column or change the maximum number of requests shown per page by selecting 25/50/75/100 from the dropdown list above or below your request list.

The empty boxes at the top of each column allow you to limit what's displayed to requests matching whatever letters or numbers you type there. It's looking at the start of each field so you don't need to type a full word. In the example below, entering 99 excludes request 9890 from the display. Entering 998 would drop requests 9973 and 9979 from the view.

The NHAIS video Customizing Your Request Displays also covers how to do this.

November 5, 2019

Understanding the Retry option

If a request goes through a lender list without getting shipped, the system will check the lender list for locations to retry. There are several ways the system determines a location is worth retrying:

1) The lender changed the status from Pending to Retry, with the option to add a reason or condition:

2) The lender changed the status from Pending to Will Not Supply and additionally specified a reason/condition that the system considers "non-terminal," including In use/on loan, Not on shelf, On hold, On order, or On reserve:

The [Retry] or [Unfilled] next to each reason in the list tells you whether the system considers it worth another try if other lenders are unable to ship the request.

3) The lender was on vacation, in which case the request history will show a line similar to this: Notes: Lender NHHSXX closed - skipped. Try again after Nov 09.

As a borrower, if your request goes to Retry status, you're given these choices:

1) Approved - Send: Your original request will again work its way through the lender string, ignoring locations that previously gave a "terminal" reason for not supplying. Be sure to check if you need to extend the Need By date before choosing this option. It's usually best to wait a bit before retrying a request. You might want to check the request history for any notes that might tell you, for example, that the book is due back on a certain date or the library is back from vacation on a certain date. If you approve your retry too soon after the request went into that status, you may find the same result because the item still isn't available at the locations previously checked.

2) Cancel: Your request will not be sent to potential lenders again. You may create a new request for the same item if you like but be aware it's likely to be sent to the same owning libraries as your previous request.

3) Delete: The request record will be removed from the system during overnight processing. Any statistics generated by the transaction will remain in the system.

If you do nothing, the status will change from Retry to Expired once the Need By date has passed.

NHU-PAC searching restored

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 8:40 a.m.: NHU-PAC searching has been restored.

NHU-PAC searching

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 8:30 a.m.: While searching of "Z-targets" in the NHAIS ILL System is unaffected, the NHU-PAC (union catalog) is currently unavailable because of indexing. This affects catalogers trying to download records from the NHU-PAC or add/delete holdings in the union catalog. For ILL'ers, it affects the number of available copies for many titles.

November 4, 2019

Van Delivery Service News - November 2019 Holidays

The New Hampshire State Library will be closed on the following days in the month of November:

Monday, November 11, 2019, in observance of Veterans Day
Thursday, November 28, 2019, Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 29, 2019, Day after Thanksgiving

There will be NO VAN DELIVERY on those dates.

For a complete list of all of the holidays the State Library is closed, please visit (the van delivery instructions) and scroll down to "NO Van Service".

If for any other reason (e.g. bad weather) van service on a particular route(s) does not operate, libraries will be notified via an e-mail message and this blog. If your library does not receive van service on a particular day, please check your e-mail and this blog before calling the State Library.

Please remember to properly label each item which you are sending via the Van Delivery Service. This will help ensure these items make it to the correct destination in a timely manner.

If you need a refresher on how items should be marked for the van, please refer to the Van Delivery Service - Instructions,, and scroll down to number 3 of the guidelines, "Addressing material to be sent on the van".

To print a current van directory list arranged in alphabetical order by library, please use the PDF version which is available at
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this pdf file. If you do not have it installed on your machine, you may down load it for free from

Due to the ever increasing load of materials transported by the New Hampshire State Library van delivery system, our vans can reach maximum capacity before the end of a van route, especially following long weekends and holidays. Our drivers can decline to accept materials if they feel they cannot fit them safely on their van. We are also asking libraries to please be aware of volume during times when there is likely to be a problem. You should prioritize your materials to be picked up, in case some items must be left until the next van pick up. That will allow us to immediately transport the most important items as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions you may contact Charles Shipman at 271-3302.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Changes to new ILL system

Some modifications and bug fixes were applied to the new NHAIS Interlibrary Loan system Sunday. One change you may notice is when selecting search resources: the list of catalogs to search is now vertically arranged on the left of the screen, with selection boxes to the left of each catalog.

When requesting non-returnables, the system no longer insists on a month and day for Date. Filling in the year is all you need now for this required field; you may specify a month and day if relevant.

Bugs addressed include valid union catalog holdings not being added to the lender list and users who were not logged in seeing the request button.

NHAIS ILL System searching fixed

Monday, Nov. 4, 1:15 p.m.: Auto-Graphics reports that "issues with searching have been resolved."