October 8, 2007

new e-mail addresses for NHAIS Services

Sending a message to the NHAIS Help Desk? Sending files of records to be uploaded to the NHU-PAC? Here's the new address to use:


All e-mail addresses for the State Library were changed over the weekend. These changes will be reflected on our web pages in the near future. Messages sent to the old addresses are supposed to be forwarded to the new addresses for a year but we suggest you start using the new address above for any e-mail communication with NHAIS Services. This change does NOT affect where you send messages for the NHAIS-L and NHAIS-ILL e-mail lists.

While we encourage you to use the address above for any Help Desk issues or to send MARC records for loading to the NHU-PAC, if you want to contact individual members of NHAIS Services here are the new addresses:







You may use all lower-case letters if you prefer. In case you were wondering, the DCR in our new addresses is the Department of Cultural Resources, which includes the NH State Council on the Arts, the Division of Historical Resources, and the NH Film and Television Office as well as the State Library.