January 10, 2008

NHU-PAC is back

Thursday, Jan. 10, 8:20 a.m.: The NHU-PAC returned to service last evening after a 26-hour outage. The integrity of the database itself was never an issue--all the bibliographic records and the holdings data associated with them are fine. In fact, NHAIS Services added hundreds of new records and holdings to the NHU-PAC and merged dozens of duplicate records during the outage. The problem was traced to a file controlling how NHU-PAC's Web pages display. This was replaced with a backup from nearly a year ago to get us back online.

Your search results will be up-to-the-minute but you may find some things different about the appearance of the NHU-PAC . Some of the resources recently added to the Librarian's Tools tab are gone and you won't see links for recent Children's Book Reviews or recently added downloadable audiobooks. NHAIS Services will work on restoring these features in the days and weeks to come. We won't be able to restore any lists you might have saved, however: SirsiDynix tells us these would have been lost during the recovery.

We recognize what a significant inconvenience this outage has been and, as Charlie Le Blanc mentioned in his posting yesterday, we will be working with SirsiDynix in looking at the cause and how we can recover from a similar incident in a more timely fashion.