June 4, 2008

Patricia Lindner (1963-2008)

NHAIS Services suffered a terrible loss this past week with the passing on May 27 of our friend and colleague Trisha Lindner. There will be a memorial service for Trisha here at the State Library at 6 tonight (June 4, 2008).

Trisha worked as a page at the Concord Public Library until the Summer of 2001 when I hired her to join NHAIS Services. She left for a while to try her hand at being a restaurant owner -- her love of and skill for cooking made this appealing -- and returned to us when she had gotten that out of her system. Trisha loved animals -- pigs, dogs (especially Pavlova), and even bats -- and in lieu of flowers her family has asked that donations in her memory be made to the NH Humane Society.

Trisha will be missed terribly by all of us. I invite those of you who share in this loss to add your memories and thoughts to this posting as comments.


  1. Trisha will be dearly missed...

  2. I keep seeing those chips with the flying pig for a logo which make me think about Trisha's dog, Pavlova. Trisha wanted to keep a pig as a pet and had gotten the town to let her, but everytime the commercial for those chips came on and Pavlova saw the flying pig she would bark and bark. As a result Trisha decided Pavlova might not want a pig for a companion.
    -Mary Russell

  3. NHAIS Services will not be the same without Trisha. She was the sunshine that lightened our work days, always ready with a joke or comment. I have many fond memories of Trisha and will always be reminded of her when I see a full moon, or an umbrella, or blue cheese. I could go on with the list but will conclude with...she will be missed by all who were blessed to be touched with her smiling, playful ways.
    Michelle Reed

  4. Trisha will be missed. I will remember her when the full moon rises, she always got hyper around that time. Also I her love of chocolate cake.
    Margaret D.

  5. dkholian@yahoo.com1/18/2009 8:25 AM

    Thank your comments about her. Please know that she is with us everyday, for this I know. She was not just my baby sister, but my best friend. Thank you all for being so kind to her and the rest of my family. My heart is still broken from losing her. My life will never be the same without her in it. I know how much she loved you all. Now, she watches over us. Thank you again for remembering my beloved sister Trisha. You are all so very kind.
    Donna Lindner Holian and Pavlova

  6. To NHAIS-
    Thank you for remembering my auntie trisha. Especially for my mom, who loved her so much. We all miss her terribly.
    Bobby Holian

  7. Trisha will always be remembered by those that knew her as a fun-loving, thoughtful and caring person. I will miss her friendship dearly. She has helped me when I needed help. She loved to share a meal she had prepared. She was quick to make you laugh. She was all this and more. Trisha will be missed and remembered as one who we were blessed to know.

  8. Even though I met my Aunt Trisha only when I was a little child, I know how good of a person she was. You will always be in our hearts! You will be dearly missed and remembered of the caring person you were!

    Love, Always and Forever,


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