November 22, 2011

Server Replacement Schedule

There is a new schedule for the installation of the new NHU-PAC server--this is the main server where all the NHU-PAC data resides--which will require the system to be shut down almost entirely for 3 days the week of December 12th.

Everything is in place, with the exception of some electrical work that is supposed to be finished by next week but which hasn't been confirmed. Once again, I would pencil the following into your calendars:

NHU-PAC, for all searching and cataloging, will be unavailable from 8am on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 until AT LEAST the end of the day (4:30pm) on Thursday, December 15, 2011, and PROBABLY the end of the day on Friday, December 16, 2011.

You will not be able to start new interlibrary loan transactions during this period of time, because searching will be unavailable in the ILL system as well as the rest of the NHU-PAC. According to SirsiDynix (but untested until we actually disconnect the old server) you should be able to access your existing ILL transactions in the system to fill, or return, or set to not available requests that are begun before 8am on Wednesday 12/14/2011. As NHU-PAC will be down your usual path to the ILL system won't be available, but there is a direct link to the NHAIS ILL system on the NHAIS Services ILL Resources web page.

Updates on progress will be posted, as usual, on the NHAIS Notes Blog. If everything goes smoothly and we are able to bring the system back up sooner than expected, we will announce the revised plan on the blog and get things back online sooner. If you always access the blog from the 'system messages' link on NHU-PAC, take a moment to bookmark (or favorite, or whatever) the direct link to the NHAIS Notes Blog ( as you won't have access to your usual path during the server switch.

Until we announce that everything is back DON'T go online and modify holdings or start ILL transactions. Once things are installed we will test them, and it is possible that you might see what looks like the NHU-PAC available for use but is actually a temporary test environment and any work you do there will be lost. We won't forget to let you know when everything is ready. Similarly, trying to get a bunch of stuff in right before 8am on the day we shut the server down may lead to lost work.

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