December 23, 2011

NHU-PAC Friday update II

Friday, Dec. 23, 3:20 p.m.: NHU-PAC Holdings Maintenance users are still urged to follow suggestions in Mary Russell's posting of Dec. 20. I was really, really hoping that everything would be fixed today following significant progress yesterday but it was not to be. The next update will be posted on Tuesday.

A clarification: alert users have noted that the official instructions for sending files of MARC records to NHAIS Services as a way of adding holdings to the NHU-PAC say "Do not send files of records exported directly from the NHU-PAC." We're suspending that part of the rules temporarily until Holdings Maintenance allows you to add your own holdings again.

One more thing: while I haven't experienced any trouble with My List today, I haven't been able to import titles from a saved list into Holdings Maintenance. The list isn't being recognized at login.

Wait...just one more thing: best wishes for a happy holiday to you and yours.

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