January 6, 2012

Holdings Maintenance: same as last week

Friday, Jan. 6: As I write this, SirsiDynix engineers are taking yet another look at what's not working in our Holdings Maintenance program. As things stand, nothing's changed since Mary Russell's message last Friday.

A few users have asked about saved lists of NHU-PAC titles. Because we're currently having trouble getting saved lists (but not My List) to transfer data to the Holdings Maintenance program, and because saved lists are stored on our server for only 10 days, and because it's possible (although highly unlikely) that the repair work SirsiDynix is doing may mean those saved lists are deleted, NHAIS Services does not recommend using saved lists at this time as a means of storing information for later adding or deleting of NHU-PAC holdings.

Separate from the Holdings Maintenance work, NHU-PAC's ISBN index will be rebuilt starting sometime this afternoon. It's not expected to interrupt searching capabilities but if you get some odd results from ISBN searches late in the day it's probably related to the reindexing.

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