January 27, 2012

ILL Contact Lists - Another Format

In response to my earlier post about ILL Contact Lists we got a question from a library asking them to be posted in Word or Excel so they can be used more easily for mailing. Pdfs are a pain to harvest addresses from, and that helps keep spammers from harvesting this info off our site which is why I am not going to post the info in a more accessible format.

However, if you are a NH library and would like a Word 2003 version of the document (which is what I have it in) you can email nhu-pac@dcr.nh.gov and ask to have the latest version emailed back to you for use internally in your library.

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  1. I found if I just (double?) clicked on the Email address, it opened a compose message in Outlook for me.

    -Julie A.
    Nashua PL


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