January 17, 2012

Lists - My vs. Saved

After the posting earlier today about Holdings Maintenance we heard from a couple of libraries who were confused about what lists were being referred to. On the theory that if a few people ask more people are probably wondering, I want to explain a bit about the List functions available in NHU-PAC.

Anyone who searches NHU-PAC can create a list of records, which is called "My List" To do this you click on the button marked "Add to my list" which appears to the right side of each title in a search result list or on a single displayed record. At the top right corner of your web browser window there is a link labelled "My List" which has a number after it indicating how many records have been added to this list. You can add up to 75 records to this list according to the documentation. I have never tried more than about 30 for reasons I will explain shortly. If you click this "My List" link it will display the items in "My list" and from there you can delete items, look at the details about each item, or email the list to someone (including yourself). "My List" will remain available for use as long as you don't close your browser window or navigate to a different web page.
If you are a library with a NHAIS cataloging password you can display "My List" then click on "Holdings Maintenance," log in with your cataloging password and add or delete holdings to each record on the list one at a time or to the entire list at once (as long as the list has no more than 30 records on it which is the limit for batch processing in the holdings maintenance program). This functionality of Holdings Maintenance is back up and running as of earlier today.

Each NHAIS library that has gone through NHU-PAC Training has a set of 3 searching passwords assigned to them. If you log in to NHU-PAC with one of these passwords (using the "login" link at the upper right of your browser window) you have some additional options available to you on the "My List" page. When you are logged in as a searcher you can create additional lists beyond "My List," give them names so you know what they are, and save them. These saved lists will remain available to you each time you log in with the searcher password they were created under for 10 days. These saved lists should be available to you in Holdings Maintenance in the same way that "My List" is. This functionality is still not working consistently. We continue to work on this issue and will provide updates on progress here on the NHAIS Notes blog.

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