November 9, 2012

NHU-PAC Friday: Yes, but...

Friday, Nov. 9, 8:45 a.m.: Came the dawn and our NHU-PAC ILL was still there...

It became possible to connect to the NHU-PAC ILL server, login, and conduct business as usual yesterday afternoon.  This continues to be true this morning.  However, as noted by in a message from Mary Russell yesterday, the parties working on this problem cannot explain the sudden return of service.  For that reason, we're still looking into the problem and you should be aware that connectivity could disappear again without warning.

Unlike the 2-week outage that started January 19, the ILL server kept running and processing requests since our most recent problems began October 26.  Many requests placed before the outage went unfilled but some may still be in pending status if there were at least 4 libraries in the lender string.  Use Request Inquiry to check for "requests made BY your library" in status "Pending" and cancel any that you've received through other channels or don't need anymore.

Next, check for "requests made BY your library" in status "Shipped" and set them to Received if appropriate--including any that you've already sent back to the lending library.  Then look at "requests made BY your library" with status "Received" and change any that you've sent back to Returned.  You might want to wait a day or two (allowing other libraries to do the above steps) before looking at "requests made TO your library" in status "Returned" to mark transactions Complete.

Questions?  The NHAIS Help Desk is here to help at 271-2141.

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