August 26, 2013

Listserv Problems Continue

Last week David posted here about Comcast subscribers not getting mail from the nhais-l and nhais-ILL listservs. He suggested that creating another email address was a viable work around. Since then additional mail servers (including roadrunner and gmail and probably others I haven't heard about) have also stopped distributing mail from the state server that hosts the listservs. At this point subscribing  at a different address appears to be a very temporary workaround.

The subscribed addresses that cannot get messages can still send them to the listservs.
Typically after a certain number of "bounced" messages a subscribed address will be disabled. At the list administrative level I have made some temporary changes to the lsit settings that I think will prevent this from happening.

The archives of messages that have been sent to nhais-L and nhais-ILL are accessible to list subscribers IF they have their listserv password. On the first of each month this information is emailed to you, with the subject " mailing list memberships reminder" so if you kept one of these messages you have the info you need to access the archives.

We do not have a list of listserv passwords, but they can be reset. If you can't find your existing password you can call the NHAIS Help Desk and we can reset your password for you at the end of the day (4pm) the day you call. 

As far as actually solving the problem, that is in the hands of the NH Dept. of Information Technology. As of this morning the ticket for this issue had not been acted on. 

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