July 9, 2014

Holdings Maintenance still under construction

Wednesday, July 9, 3 p.m.: It's frustrating--15 days after the Holdings Maintenance server crashed, its login page finally reappeared--but it won't let you login.  That login page may look the same to you but it's hosted on a different server and still needs more configuration and testing before you can use it.  For now, if you enter your cataloging username and password you'll get a message that says "Sorry, invalid password.  You are not authorized to use this function."  Take the appearance of the login page as a sign that progress is being made toward restoration of NHU-PAC's cataloging service but be aware that there's still more complicated work that the state's IT folks have to do so it'll work correctly.

In the meantime, catalogers should keep in mind that lists of NHU-PAC titles can be saved.  Although saved lists expire after 10 days, there's a way to keep those titles longer by moving them to a new list.

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