July 2, 2014

Saved lists expire after 10 days

Today is the 10th day without NHU-PAC Holdings Maintenance, a good time to remind catalogers that saved lists of NHU-PAC titles expire after 10 days.  That's noted in the Using My List instructions.  Not noted in the instructions is how to keep those lists for another 10-day period.

To check when your saved lists expire, go to the NHU-PAC, click on Login near the upper right of the screen, enter your searching username and password (which are not the same as ILL or cataloging logins), click on My List near the upper right of the screen, and click on Manage Lists.  You'll see the names of all the lists saved with the searching username/password you're logged in as (each library has 3 sets of these), the number of titles in each list, the date created, and the date the list will expire.

My List will also show up if there are any titles in it.  If you're not sure about the difference between My List and saved lists, Mary Russell addressed that matter in a 2012 post on this blog.  The titles in My List will go away as soon as you end your current NHU-PAC session, regardless of the expiration date you see on the Manage Lists screen.

If you need to extend the life of a saved list, click on the list's name, click the check-box on the blue-ish line that says Title so all the titles are checked, click the drop-down arrow next to Move To, select [New List], and enter a new name for your saved list.  The 10-day clock will now restart.  Renaming your saved list will not extend the time before it expires.

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