June 5, 2015

E-mail list issues

Friday, June 5: In the past week the state's IT folks have been trying to resolve an issue with messages from NHAIS-L, NHAIS-ILL, and other lists hosted on the state's list server.  Not all subscribers are receiving all messages because some Internet service providers are interpreting the way the messages are configured as spam.  The state insists the messages are correctly configured and is trying to get the ISP's to see things thus.

If you are affected by this, keep in mind that you can always check the list archives online.  You'll need your list password; instructions about requesting the password and checking the archives are here.  If you view archives sorted by date, the most recent messages will be found at the bottom of the page.

Another workaround is to subscribe at another address, perhaps creating an e-mail account (at Yahoo, gmail, etc.) just for this purpose.  Then go to the NHAIS-L or NHAIS-ILL webpage and follow directions in the "Subscribing to..." section.
One more thing...some subscribers didn't receive last week's messages that said "NHU-PAC offline this weekend" until after the weekend was over.  In case there's any confusion, the NHU-PAC was offline from the afternoon of May 29 to the morning of June 1.  There are no planned outages this weekend.

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