June 8, 2016

New Library Directory & Your Library

Hi Everyone,

Short Take-away:
·         Your library will not be listed in the new library directory if you do not add the information electronically.
·         The information you added previously can be updated to include more people!

The Whole Story:

The current NH library directory will be replaced in the near future with a different kind of directory. The new directory will depend completely on electronic self-reporting. Each month a copy of the data will be made available on an editable Google sheet for editing. If you have edits or would like to include additional information at this time, please use the editable Google Sheet.

If your library is not listed in the directory, please take a moment and complete a new entry with this Google Form. (Do NOT use the editable Google Sheet to add a new library.)

Release Notes: Please read!

·         I’ve received requests to add information for
o   Assistant Director
o   Reference Librarian
o   Changing the Youth Librarian to Children’s and Teen Librarians
§  All “Youth Librarian” data was renamed “Children’s Librarian”
§  Please make whatever necessary changes on the editable Google Sheet.
·         Please add http:// to the library website when adding a new library.
·         Please enter the phone and fax number as 603-123-4567 x 999
·         Only select “No ILL Delivery” if you do not receive any ILL materials – even at another location.
·         The ZIP code loses its preceding zero on the spreadsheet, but don’t worry, I can restore it.
·         Please only add one person to each field. The directory cannot handle two email addresses in one field.
·         If you must add additional information, let’s try a “Notes” field. I cannot promise that I can make it work, but I will try.

Here is the Beta version of the new directory:

There are not enough libraries listed here yet to replace the current (outdated) library directory. Please check your library’s status and add a new entry, if necessary.

Thank you for your help with this!

Bobbi Slossar
Technology Resources Librarian
New Hampshire State Library
20 Park Street
Concord, NH

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