December 8, 2017

No parts 'til Monday (at earliest)

Friday, Dec. 8, 3:25 p.m.: Things are now lined up for a visit from a technician who can get the ILL server back to business.  At this writing, the appointment isn't confirmed but we're hoping for Monday.  Keep in mind that we don't know what we'll find when the hardware is fixed--it may be necessary to reinstall software, causing a further delay in the restoration of ILL service.

To deal with the current situation, I quote from a message posted by Mary Russell nearly 6 years ago when the ILL server was offline for 2 weeks:

There has been some discussion of this issue on the NHAIS-L listserv and several good points have been made there:

    The searching functions of  NHU-PAC can be used to identify which libraries hold an item -- please use this tool to identify potential lenders and contact them directly.
    Good records of what you have loaned and what you have borrowed are a valuable tool -- if you don't have an internal record keeping system for this you should set one up. Especially while you are potentially borrowing and lending materials with no external (read NHAIS) tracking system for them
    Using helpful subject headings on your emails, like "select ill" makes it easier for people to know whether they can (or want to) respond to your request.

"Cheat sheets" listing ILL contact info for each participating library are available on the NHAIS ILL Resources page. These cheat sheets have just been updated and now reflect the info we received this fall in response to our NHAIS contact info update mailing. There are two "cheat sheets," one sorted by town and the other by HSA code.

Speaking of things sorted by HSA code, holdings in the NHU-PAC (except for the ILL program) are displayed in HSA code order.  Those lists of holdings come into play when sending "select ILL" messages.

One more thing--remember to submit your numbers for the van survey.

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