February 13, 2018

Keep those files of catalog additions and deletions coming

In recent weeks the NHAIS Help Desk has heard from a few libraries asking if they should continue sending files to add or remove NHU-PAC holdings.  Absolutely!  NHAIS Services is still processing additions to and deletions from the statewide union catalog.  This work goes on unconnected to the current absence of an automated ILL program working with the NHU-PAC.

In the 2 months since the ILL server suffered a catastrophic failure, more than 7800 new bibliographic records and more than 52,500 new holdings have been added to the NHU-PAC.  Nearly 53,000 old holdings have been removed to reflect libraries' discards.  More than 11,000 bibliographic records have been updated (adding pagination, tables of contents, summary information, etc.) and scores of duplicate records have been merged.  During the same 2 months, a cleanup project led to the removal of more than 100,000 old bibliographic records and more than 200,000 holdings from libraries that have closed or are otherwise no longer participating in our program.

Even in the absence of an automated ILL program, libraries are checking the NHU-PAC to determine whom to contact for needed titles--and you'll want your holdings to be up to date when a new ILL program is implemented.  Links to how-to information about adding and deleting NHU-PAC holdings can be found on the NHAIS Notes Holdings Maintenance Tools page.  If you have further questions contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or via e-mail.

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