October 5, 2019

Lending Policy Exceptions

T-minus 3 days and counting until the new NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System takes off. With the training period over as of Friday evening, libraries can no longer use their training logins in the system. Test ILL transactions are being cleaned from the system this weekend in preparation for Tuesday's launch.

What to do while you wait??? The new system offers lenders a chance to specify whether certain formats can be borrowed and for how long as well as whether renewals are an option. If, for example, you'll lend music CD's but not spoken word CD's, or want a shorter loan period for DVD's than books, print the lending policy form, fill it in, and send the paper to NHAIS Services.

Note that the system determines formats based on coding in the MARC bibliographic records associated with your holdings, not on your call number or item type or collection code. The lending policy form is optional: if you don't send one in, default settings apply and you'll continue to see requests for all types of materials (you still get to say "will not supply" to a request, of course) and the loan period of 42 days will apply (and you have the option to change that for any individual request).

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