August 4, 2008

Reminder - Planned NHU-PAC Outage

As Charlie reported two weeks ago, the NHU-PAC server will be upgraded this week. That means that you will not be able to access NHU-PAC (searching, cataloging, or ILL) all day tomorrow (Tuesday, August 5).

On Wednesday (August 6) the system is expected to be available intermittently, so use it at your own risk as it will be up and down often and you are likely to lose your work.

We hope to have everything running good as new by Thursday.

If there is additional information to report it will be posted here on the NHAIS Blog. If you typically get to the blog through the link on the NHU-PAC take a minute to bookmark (or whatever your browser-of-choice calls it) this address so you can get here when the NHU-PAC is unavailable.

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