August 27, 2013

Listservs - The Saga Continues

The good news about the current listserv mess is that the NH Dept of IT began actually working on the issue yesterday afternoon.

The bad news is that they haven't reported back to us so far that it is actually fixed and the work they have done so far resulted in all sorts of weird messages going out to people.

At this point I would recommend not doing anything regarding the various messages spewing out regarding subscription status and when we get an OK from OIT that the problem is resolved we will check the subscriptions on nhais-L and nhais-ILL and let everyone know what (if anything) they need to do to get back on track with these listservs.

Earlier information about this problem (in case you haven't been checking the blog) were posted on  8/26/2013 and 8/23/2013.

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