January 11, 2018

ILL update Thu 1/11

Thursday, Jan. 11: Updates on our ILL situation are now coming weekly rather than the daily updates you were getting.  Since just before Christmas, there really hasn't been much to report other than "SirsiDynix technicians continue to work on restoring the program."  When there are significant developments to report, you'll hear about it here.

It is further noted that some folks would like to see system updates posted to one or more of the e-mail lists.  Others, meanwhile, beg for fewer messages on the lists.  Since 2006, it has been NHAIS policy to post system performance messages to the NHAIS Notes blog.  Those who wish to get e-mails have the option of subscribing to blog posts.  Most system outages are transient (that certainly isn't the case right now, of course) and having just one place to post outage information speeds up both notification to you about the problem and the start of work to correct the problem. However, when there is substantive information to share about this ILL outage we will forward the blog post to the lists. 

When this outage began there were suggestions posted  for coping with this situation. Please also keep in mind that e-mails to specific libraries who hold your desired item, or a "select request" e-mail to the NHAIS-ILL list will be better received than blanket e-mails. The holdings data that the ILL system draws on is available to you in the NHU-PAC and is updated every day the NHSL is open so it should be consulted to find lenders.

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